Apri means 'boar' and while these animals like to frolic about in oak groves, our wines in this range mature in barrique oak barrels from the legendary Francois Fréres company. The wine rests here at least for fifteen months and is offered on the menu of prestigious restaurants.

Greetings from The National Park

The lower content of alcohol and wide scope of flavours and aromas of this range are ideal if you're looking to refresh after wandering the beautiful scenery of the Dyje Valley. These wines will remind you of the national park not only in the glass, but also with their elaborate labels featuring the local wildlife.




Wines of original certification Znojmo sub-region.


This range inherently belongs among the top-notch in gastronomy and includes also wines with attributes typical for the Znojmo area, i.e. VOC wines. The fair and honest manual labour involved and the unique characteristics of each wine are emphasised also with labels based on linocut artwork.


Producing wine in a 'kvevri' is an experiment of sheer personal pleasure. This production involves making wine in Georgian terracotta vessels dug into the ground. Within a year, the grapes inside transform into wine which features a high level of tannins due to maceration with skin contact. It then needs to rest a while in order to become duly rounded. This results in an absolutely unique experience appreciated by true connoisseurs everywhere.

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