About our wine-making

About our wine-making

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About us

We are THAYA. One of the most progressive wineries in the Znojmo region. We are located in a new wine complex in the village of Havraníky. We respect nature and appreciate our region. Therefore, in our name you will find the river Dyje (THAYA).

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We currently farm about 105ha of our own vineyards. The vineyards are located in the cadaster of five famous wine-growing villages in the Znojmo region. These are the villages of Hnanice, Šatov, Havraníky, Vrbovec, Dyjákovičky.

Our own raw material gives us an advantage and a head start in quality. We know very well that a quality and healthy grape is an important aspect in the production of the highest quality wine. Our vineyards are managed in a higher degree of integrated production and some of the vineyards are in an ecological regime. In the vineyards, we strive for gentle work in symbiosis with local natural conditions. The pruning of vineyards and the construction of shrubs is adapted for lower yield, but high and stable quality of grapes for a long time. These steps help the longevity of the vines. We know very well that older shrubs form a huge potential for large wines.

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Philosophy of production

Technology in wine production is constantly evolving. A new complex is currently being built, which will provide us with the latest technology. It all starts with the gentle processing and separation of the berries and their subsequent sorting. An important step in the final quality of wine. Other steps such as must desilting, fermentation and wine training are subject to the maximum demand for the quality of the resulting wine. We try to work as gently as possible, not to interfere with the wine and rather to lead it by the hand along his path. We like to work with different types of containers during production. We use stainless steel tanks for basic and fresh lines. We even do not avoid vinification in concrete tanks. Signature for our premium wine lines is the use of various wooden barrels. We use different sizes, types of toasting and drying lengths of wood to achieve the optimal result for our wines. We are constantly moving this know-how forward. We do not want to "freeze", but still push the quality of our wines.


By the Glass

It is one of the most pleasant moments to enjoy a glass of good wine with good food and among good friends. We will be happy to prepare this experience for you in our cellar among the vineyards. A guided tasting will be waiting for you, during which we will talk about wine. We can then continue with the experiential seasonal menu, paired with wines of your choice or our recommendation.

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